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JP Marchant

Thorsten Nesch

We are two filmmakers with a passion for telling great stories coupled with great visuals. We met during a screening of JP's The Hitch-Hiker at the CASA arts gallery in Lethbridge, Alberta, and quickly found that our tastes in film and art are similar. Finding that our talents complement each other, we decided to establish Forgotten Trail Pictures.
Photo: Stacey Rae
Photo: Harald Krichel
A life-long cinephile, JP only began to produce movies after taking a filmmaking course at FAVA in Edmonton a few years ago. Since then he has worked on nearly a dozen independent film sets and shot several of his own award-winning films.

His mockumentary, Walking to Save-On, was shot and hand processed on Super8 B&W and colour film. It is a whimsical look at the city of Lethbridge where he currently resides. His film-noir inspired thriller,  The Hitch-Hiker  played at many international film festivals, winning the People's Choice Award at the Jasper Short Film Festival while also being nominated for Best Soundtraack and Best Supporting Actor at the Action on Film Fest in California. His feverish nightmare-inspired film, Visions of an Imperfect Mind, played at several international film fests including TUFF, and was the Winner Best Picture at LAMPS in Lethbridge. 

JP’s free time is spent talking about, watching, and producing movies. He is an active member of the Alberta arts community and tries to shoot and develop his own Super8 and 16mm film whenever he can. 

He admires the works of Guy Maddin, Deco Dawson, Bergman, Tarkovsky, Ozu, Jodorowsky, Bela Tarr, and David Lynch. He has also gained a fondness for cats of late.

Please check out JP's interview with local legend Mark "Boogieman" for The Hitch-Hiker, :

Thorsten is an award-winning author and producer originally from Germany.

Since 2008 he has worked as a professional storyteller. His novels are used in schools in 5 countries, and his stories have been sold as film rights, made into scripts, and been adapted as radioplays and on stage.

From 2004-2007 he worked as a camera operator, editor, producer of industry films and documentaries, and as scriptdoctor in story development for several production companies in Germany.

The 2007 feature documentary, "Sisters of No Mercy"  (Dir: Lukas Roegler) was the Silver World Medal winner at the New York Festival along with other awards, and screened on public TV in a dozen countries Thorsten was the Co-Producer of the film.

During his time in Victoria, BC (2000-2003) he sat on the board of CINEVIC Film Society for Independant Filmmakers.

His 63min Video The Human Mule (mixed media, 8 & 16mm) screened at festivals and earned him a position as a juror at the Victoria International Film Fest in 2003.

Thorsten enjoyed Master Classes with Alan Rudolph and Michael Anderson (Directing) and Daniel Iron (Production) and Scott Frizzell (Writing), and with Christoph Schlingensief: Modern Narrative.

Please open this PDF for a complete CV:

What we produce

Our past work includes: feature films & documentaries, short films, industry films, and presentational videos.
One example is the video for the Lethbridge Allied Arts Council and the Mayor's Luncheon. You can watch it here on Youtube.

Languages: English, Spanish & German.

For any questions please contact us.

Taking a ride with JP